Event Ideas & Tips for successful implementation

We’re excited that you want to be a host during Green Energy Doors Open! To register please visit http://gedo14ab.deassociation.ca/submit-an-event/.

Here are a few ideas from past years:

  • Set up a tour of your home or business showcasing details about the project(s) like your new windows, insulation, solar panels and charging station.
  • Host a BBQ for your colleagues, staff and the community at your manufacturing facility or condo.
  • Suggest a bestselling book on sustainable energy to and organize a special gathering to discuss at your book club.
  • Reach out to companies in your community and organize a field trip to see a wind farm, green building or other sustainable energy projects first hand.
  • Show a movie about energy efficiency, climate change or some other related topic at your local community center.
  • Hold a sustainable energy scavenger hunt with the local Boy Scouts and Girl Guides.
  • Get active by organizing a bike tour or host a party bringing the sector and its supporters together.
  • Talk to your local car dealer about hosting test drives of their electric vehicles.
  • Showcase your school, college or universities green energy projects and programs.

Steps to organizing a successful event:

  1. Decide on a time slot on October 3rd, 2015
  2. Decide on the nature for your event
  3. Choose a suitable venue
  4. Register your event at http://gedo14ab.deassociation.ca/submit-an-event/. We will give you a link to your event on our page once the event is approved and plot you on the Google Map. Share this link with your network and post it to your event page, on social media and on your promotional material.
  5. If you want to track who is coming consider using Uniiverse to track guests (and if you are having a party what they’re bringing) and provide the registration link on your event invitation and website.
  6. Spread the word to your community in the months and weeks leading up to the event and get them involved. Some may even want to host their own events!
  7. Work with us to flesh out your case study, media story and/or info-graphic about your project/ event.

Forming a team
Getting others involved with your event is a great way to build your community and support the local businesses and organizations involved in your project, fostering lasting relationships and new opportunities while having fun sharing the work that needs to get done. Plan out what you would like to do, inventory the skills and experiences that will help you organize and promote the event, and then recruit! By growing your circle you will also increase your credibility and the reach of your story inspiring others to get involved.

Possible team roles:
The Marketer: Somebody who knows how to get the word out about your event and get people in the community excited about it.

The Organizer: This individual loves to plan activities and make schedules.

The Expert: Someone who makes sure that visitors have a good time and leave your event informed about the sustainable energy initiatives in their backyard.

The Magician: A person with the skills to create great things that inspire people. It could be a visual piece, a heartfelt presentation or an exhibit.