Marketing your event

Considerations for event promotion:

  • Identify your target audience – who do you want to come?
  • Post an event listing for your event, including the link that you receive after registering at and/or the link to your event registration page on Universe, on your organization’s website, personal website, and local events listings, etc.
  • Get the word out on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, etc. (Suggestions as to how are below)

Send media advisories. (See Media Outreach page)

  • Deliver a pamphlet personally to your neighbours to inform them about your event during the coming months leading up to October 3rd.
  • Have your friends send emails to their contacts.
  • Promote your event during other gatherings.
  • Print and post event notification flyers in your area. (a template is being provided)
  • Rally up support using word of mouth as the event draws close.
  • Put the link to your event in all of your online correspondences as part of your e-signature.
  • A week before the event, send out an eBlast to your family, friends and colleagues reminding them to come.
  • Provide a forum for questions and comments.

Raising awareness

Raising awareness about sustainable energy and alerting your community about your upcoming event is easy. You’re already connected with friends, family, and colleagues at work, in clubs, at church, and on your sports team. Speak up at events, reach out to potential allies. There are plenty of people who share your concerns about the local economy, the environment and living in a resilient thriving community. Invite them to come out to your event, to get involved and to help you spread the word, to get more people engaged.
Info-graphics & Stories
OSEA is developing info-graphics and other informative content about sustainable energy to help raise awareness and build understanding to help you promote Green Energy Doors Open. Info-graphics are clear, concise visuals with text you can use to spread the word via social media and in your newsletters. As we get closer to the big day we will send a batch of select info-graphic postcards for distribution during the event.

Download and share info-graphics

Using social media
Social media is an incredibly powerful tool to get the word out about your great event and to spread your story.

To make use of the networking power of Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and other social media, you may consider the following:

  • Create a page for your event on Facebook with all of the details and post updates on it regularly. In the weeks days leading up to the event start posting more frequent updates. You may want to look into a tool like Hootsuite to schedule posts on several of your social media sites simultaneously.
  • Consider posting info-graphics, pictures, videos or other interesting articles and information related to sustainable energy to your Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Flickr pages as a way to make people aware of the issues as well as your upcoming event.
  • Invite your entire network of friends, family and colleagues to come to your event and ask them to spread the word about it to their networks.
  • Share interesting anecdotes, “like”, re-post and re-tweet. This will help get your network involved in what you and the rest of the Green Energy Doors Open community are doing.
  • Share your posts with likeminded and partner organizations such as the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, CanSIA, CanWEA, CanBIO and the Biogas Association, etc., along with our sponsors’ pages (see our Sponsors and Partners page).
  • Set up a schedule to send short updates and reminders about your event to your circles regularly.

NOTE: Remember to proof-read your posts before you put them up.

To help you stay connected and share your stories for Green Energy Doors Open, we are primarily using Twitter and Facebook to spread the word. You can post your event and updates on your own social media pages and link to us by inserting the following info in the text where appropriate:

Staying in touch with your supporters
It’s always important to keep people in the loop about an event to maintain strong support and to keep the buzz going.

Sending updates before your event
Encourage people in your network who are interested in Green Energy Doors Open to sign up for the mailing list. We can provide you with a button that you can put on your webpage to sign people up. Here is a link to a mailing list sign-up form you can use on-site to gather emails from event attendees:

OSEA will be using the Green Energy Doors Open mailing list to keep people informed with

  • Progress updates of the campaign
  • Snippets of events happening at Green Energy Doors Open
  • Case studies
  • Info-graphics

The Green Energy Doors Open mailing list will not be used to email people who have registered with anything that does not pertain to Green Energy Doors Open.

Following up after your event
Collect people’s contact information by asking for their business cards when you see them or having them sign up for the your own mailing list. Make use of this contact information to let everybody who came out to your event know how much you appreciate their support. It’s an excellent way to keep track of new opportunities and to maintain relationships.

Would you like to help us keep Green Energy Doors Open going strong in the years to come? Please pass along your attendees’ emails so that we could let them know about next year’s events.