Me to We Style T-shirt Orders

DEC and OSEA are proud to announce their partnership with Me to We Style for this year’s Green Energy Doors Open (GEDO).

Me to We Style is a social enterprise that is committed to providing ethically manufactured, high quality custom branded apparel for the socially-conscious retail and wholesale consumers. Located in Toronto, Me to We Style’s product is domestically produced in Canada using eco-friendly fabrics such as certified organic cotton, viscose from bamboo and recycled polyester, which helps ensure that the least possible amount of toxic chemicals are harming our earth.

As a part of the partnership with Me to We Style, we will be providing each GEDO host with two (2) custom made t-shirts for its organizers. The t-shirts will allow for increased brand recognition of each respective host, while continuing to support the message of Green Energy Doors Open.

The sizing chart can be seen here: 

Details to be provided.